Technology Luddite and the Challenge

Ok, so I am not sure that I used the correct term above. But when I goggled it it came up as someone who avoids technology that’s what I got. Granted I use technology everyday and I love it for the most part. My issue is being tech-savvy. I swear to God I should not have been born in the 20th century. I put my generation, the millennials, to shame. Back in June, I got my first full fledged smart phone, an LG G2, I know its a bit old now but let’s not forget that I am a technology luddite. I am just getting used to apps and all their little nick nats. For my part though, I have a few favorites SnapChat and Instagram among them, So I have to decided to challenge myself. I am going to research the next big apps and write reviews on them. I have already tried a few: French Girls Viewer, Hi James, and Whisper. I know that a few of you are probably rolling your eyes, but this is monumental for me.#thetechchallenge#Ohmyliba


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