The Humanity of Things

I trudge my way up stairs, exhausted from the day’s tediousness. A black mass of fur pounces on me. I am taken aback, as she licks my face. She does not care about the obstacles of the day. Her only concern in that moment is that I am home. The amount of joy that I see in her face, surprises me. For my presence to be to acknowledged by “hello” kisses overwhelms me. To be acknowledged is a simple act of humanity. A respectful nod or a polite “hello” echoes a sense of importance. And sometimes garners a wave “hello” or even a smile. But so few of us elect to do so. Why? Perhaps we are too consumed with the fixtures and tresses of our lives to be conscious of this act of humanity. That is not to say that we do not care about no one another, but rather we are blind to each other’s struggle. Therein lies the error that we fail to see the potency a simple “hello, how are you doing?” can alter a person outlook for the day. If we look intrinsically maybe we will discover…That we fail to recognize our own potency. Humanity begins with ourselves. What we value, our attitudes, beliefs and perspectives. It is how we identify ourselves with other people and living things. How many of us are connected to the humanity within ourselves? Humanity begins with the individual and manifests itself in others.#humanity #ohmyliba



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