A Different Type of Junkie

Hello, my name is—– and I am an addict. At least that’s the formal way of putting it. Or I could say something like this, “Hey, man, I am a junkie.” Shocking, right? But like any junkie I do not take responsibility. I blame Netflix. It is not my fault that I have succumbed to its innovation and low pricing. I am a Millennial! I love being able to watch my shows without the annoying commercials! The sense of power I feel as I scroll through Netflix is thrilling. Watching the shows of my childhood is a time capsule to my past. I have even found a new favorite among “The House of Cards”. The underhandedness quipped with Frank Underwood’s collective calm is a testimony to Kevin Spacey’s talent as an actor. Beyond its excellent original programming, Netflix employs the practical with the artistic that has captured the hearts of my generation. #Ohmyliba #netflixjunkie


One thought on “A Different Type of Junkie

  1. Hello my name is Jillian…..i am not a Millennial…..and I too am and Netflix junkie. Perhaps we should start a group……Netflix Annonymous (“NFA”)……and at our meetings we could watch HOC and OITNB. Great blog liba…..Keep it coming!!!!!


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