Days of the Week

A 22 Year Old’s Week in Review

Mundane Monday-Mondays are miserable. After an relaxing weekend who wants to return to their regular 9-5.

Terrible Tuesday-It’s like a Monday, except worst. You have survived Monday, but the weekend is no where in sight.

Hump Day (Wednesday)/Wayward Wednesday-You’re half-way through the week. It’s the middle of week. There is no going back and no going forward.

Thirsty Thursday-It’s the weekend! At least it is for a twenty-something. That means a night on the town with your friends.

Funday Friday-It is officially the start of the weekend. Thank God, the week is finally over.

Sexy Saturday-It the middle of the weekend. You’re out with your friends, having a good time. You just finished Friday and now Sunday is coming up.

Sombersome Sunday-The weekend has finally come to a close. But you can sleep in, because it’s Sunday. Enjoy it, because you have to get ready for tomorrow.


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