Seeing Lil Kim

So about a week or so ago, a friend and I decided to hang out. Initially, we had planned on playing pool, but we had a change of plans. We heard that Lil Kim was in town so we head downtown to see her. To it sum up the experience it was “blah”. Not to say I had anything against her. But the entire experience proved to be underwhelming. I went with different lines of security and left my phone in my jacket. We had to what a long time before she came. And minus the beer everything was overpriced including the wings. The club had an over powering smell of skunk to it. That is on account of all the weed that some of the patrons decided to start smoking. The DJ kept postponing when she was going to come in. When she finally arrived, I could not see a thing. People were swarming around her like a beehive. She stayed for a bit. She alternated between VIP and the DJ booth. The DJ was living up the crowd playing all her old songs. Then she left like a hazy blur. And just like that I experience with Lil Kim was over.
#Ohmyliba #LilKim


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