Daisy Mae’s Memoirs


My grandma was an amazing woman. She put the possible in impossible. Her greatest accomplishment in life was her children. If you were to ask her how many children she had…She would reply with a small pause followed by a pause. And then she would say, ” Oh I am a mother of a dozen kids. I have twelve children…mmmhmm. ” And then she would laugh at the bewilderment on other people’s faces. Because for her buying a house and getting her associate’s degree did not compare to five sons and seven daughters. Her twelve children have always been her greatest pride. She would brag on each one of them. She loved them through every heart break.

A few years ago, I asked my grandma to write her life story. She asked me why I would want her life story. I told her that I wanted her story to share it after she passed. You see she was a very humble person. So she could not see how impressive her accomplishments were. But to the people whose lives she touched her accomplishments the world. I was taken aback when she took the time out to thoughtfully write about herself. It was hard for her to write, because she was legally blind. And her writing was shaky and did not always make sense. Still she took her time, she wrote her story down in cursive and numbered the pages. She even wrote a paragraph on each of her twelve children.


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