Journal Entry: Ushering in a New Year December 31, 2014

I cannot begin to tell you the anticipation that I have been feeling for today. The guy that I have been seeing picked me up so that I could shop for an outfit for the  new year. We made it there with enough time. Then we shopped around and left. My Mother and sister sorely disapproved of my outfit, because it was too “gaudy and shiny”. So they primed me for perfection.

I was decked out in a neutral colored ensemble: black high heeled boots, black leggings, a gray sweater dress, black and gold jewelry with makeup to boot. (I should point out that I hate makeup even more so I hate high heels. But I wear them to dress up my looks, or to impress somebody. And yes he was quite impressed that I was wearing high heels. He complemented me on them. He knows how I desperately I hate those devices of torture.)

Once I was ready, my date and I went to dinner. We were half an hour early for our dinner reservations at 2 Vine, on Winthrop. So we waited in the car until ten minutes to nine. The restaurant was an organized mess of chaos. There were patrons everywhere! We could even get a seat at the bar. We had to wait 15 minutes for a table to open up.

Once we were seated, we looked over the menu. We decided to order a dish off  of the holiday  menu, but order our entree on the regular  menu. Well, that did not happen instead we were locked into the holiday  menu. That proved to be an interesting  venture. After the bill, came we looked longingly at the regular  menu wondering  what could have been. But we messed up and with a mistake that big there  was no turning  back. We shed a  silent tear and continued on our night, as we reminded one another to “go big or to go home”.

Then we went to midnight service for a spell at my uncle’s church. After which, we dashed back downtown to watch  the ball drop at Murphys Law. We only had a few minutes so sprinted snowy sidewalk towards Murphy’s.There only a minute left before the ball dropped. We made it just in time as, the crowd was counting down: 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1, Happy New Year!

A smile passed between us before we kissed to usher in a new year. The night pressed on with an encore of drinks, dancing, and familiar faces. People kept eyeing us and telling us how good we looked together. Afterwards, we tried to go dancing needless to say we did not get in. But we went to a party afterwards. To date this was the best year that I ever had in Rochester. I cannot wait to have more adventures with him.#ohmyliba #newyearsevewednesday


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