Journal Entry: The First Terrible Tuesday of the New Year 01062015

It’s Tuesday. Monday’s slightly less ugly twin. But there is a reason that I dubbed this day terrible. If you look backwards you realize that yesterday was Monday. If you look forward you realize that it’s not quite Wednesday, and still you have to hump through the rest of the week. You’re stuck.

Well at least, I had something  to look forward to. I attended a luncheon with Louise Slaughter ‘s representative, Patty Lark, on the premise of mental illness. I felt honored to be there. And my guy came later in attendance. I could not help, but to steal silent gazes at him. After the lucheon concluded, we decided to do our usual. We went to the pub where joked, ate, and drank.

We get along him and I, we have similar personalities more so than anyone else that I have ever dated. Shy, quiet, friendly with a quirky yet sarcastic humor. And the funny thing is that prior to us dating I would have never imagined that we would were so well-suited for one another.


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