Journal Entry: Ushering a New Week in the New Year 01042015

I had to go to work early, which was the real tragedy. But at least I got out early, which was somewhat of a comedy. So I lounged around and surfed the Web. I couldn’t help, but notice a meme that spoke of my current situation. It stated, “don’t let your loyalty  become your slavery.” No truer words could have been read in that  moment I took it as an omen. Although , I could not help but to think that grammatically  it was all wrong. It should have read, ” don’t let your loyalty make you a slave,” or ” don’t let your loyalty become your enslavement.” In any case, I cherished the message no matter how poorly written it was.

So I waited around, until I received a Snapchat  from my guy. You see we had plans to go out since I got of work early. He said we could grab coffee or see a movie. Well, it was later and he had plans to see a movie with his parents. (I thought him seeing a movie with his parents was cute and teased him about it. Plus, I like a guy with family values.) He said could come if I wanted. And let me tell you he didn’t need to ask me twice. I mean a free movie at Tinstletown that is not some lame RomCom?!! Sign me up! Action and adventure  is what I crave.

His parents were happy to see me. (I should take a moment to pause here and clarify some things. One, I have met his parents  before. Two, I met them at his father’s family Christmas party. Three, I met his father’s extended family. Four, this is a story  for another post.) My guy and I spoke throughout  the entire movie. Mainly because  he was explaining  things to me about the movie. The movie of choice was the Hobbit. But, I knew more about the overall plot than he gave me credit for.

And let me tell me that movie was bada**. What really surprised  is how much PDA my guy was showing me with his parents sitting  next to us. It felt sort of taboo. I mean at the Christmas party he did not even hold my hand, any form of PDA was kept under wraps. He was holding my hand, wrapped his arm around me, and even feed me! All the while his parents were sitting next to us. All this was new territory to me, so I just went with the flow.

After the movie, we said goodbye to his parents and spent some time alone. We did our usual: reviewed the evening’s festivities, kissed, and went to our signature hub. Before we knew it we spent 2 to 3 hours together and we were giving each other farewell kisses. Eventually, I passed out in my bed with my teddy bear. Yes, I still sleep with a teddy bear for sentimental reasons. My late neighbor gave him to me when I was twelve for a Christmas gift. I have always loved my teddy bear, Freddy Teddy, and I loved her and her husband. So what once was a childhood tradition is now a gesture of respect to my late neighbor.


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