A Social Confession

Most people see me as being a sort of sad and stand-offish person whom rarely ever speaks. To some degree this is correct, however, I have always seen myself as being more insightful than sad. And in my defense, I enjoy people it’s just that I have always struggled to connect with people. I am never quite sure what to say or when to say it. So sometimes I avoid people altogether because it is easier that way. This why I am generally introverted and have a great need to achieve. It is through my achievements that I connect  with people. Without my achievements I feel like a leaf on the wind swaying to whichever direction the wind carries. I would rather be the anchor that holds fast on the destined shores of promise. Consequently, it is the way in which I try to conduct my life in spite of myself. You see I have goals and aspirations. So I don’t mind being alone or lonely so long as I am working towards my goals. Pursuing one’s dreams is a lonely venture  but one that promises great returns. And once I have accomplished them I hope to conduct a more outgoing social life amongst my peers. Perhaps, one day I shall. But I know that I won’t ever stop being hyper critical of myself. Naturally, I am never quite content with my achievements because they pale in light of my next big move.


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