Journal Entry: The Midweek Romance 01142015-01172015

Typically, a midweek venture is rather atypical. But in my case it proved to be quite interesting. We went on a circuit of dates. It went anywhere from dinner and a movie to dinner on me. I treated my guy to a seafood cuisine to a poorly scripted Blackhat movie. It wasn’t our first choice since we really wanted to see The Wedding Ringer, but seeing how it was sold out we weren’t left much of a choice. Don’t get me wrong I don’t shy away from seeing Chris Hemsworth on the silver screen. The premise had the potential to be a real “hot potato. ” It had all the right elements: a hot male lead, intrigue, and a love interest. With a dash of intellect and action. But after the first half hour the movie carried on like a decapitated chicken in search of its head. To say the least, I was bored beyond measure. Whoever thought a hot nerdy felon played by Chris Hemsworth would be so boring? For my part there were too many unbelievable sub plots that distracted me from the overall plot itself. I was really hoping that it would have been a success. Besides the apparent let-down at the movies, I was upset with the events of the date. In my mind, the date was a diaster. He didn’t seem to share my sentiments on the contrary he seemed rather flattered by my efforts. He even thought it was cute that I was so flustered and perplexed about things awry. None of the evening’s supposed follies deterred him from kissing.


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