What it Means to be a Winner


Winners win that’s what we do. Everyone  loves a winner. What does it mean to be a winner? What is it that winners do that is so different?

                                                                Winners Know that They are Winners

Winners know that they are winners. They understand  what it means to be a winner. They devote themselves to winning through calculated sacrifices and sound advice. More importantly, they understand  laws of success and the cycle of winning itself. Winners focus on developing themselves. They define them via their goals and their intrinsic values and they run with them.
                                                                    Winners Adopt a Winning Mentality

No is not in a winner’s  vocabulary. They tell themselves  what they can do rather than what they can’t do.

                                                                      Winners Do Their Homework

Winners say yes to themselves and make the impossible possible. They do their homework. Winners plan, research, then act. They found out the who’s and how’s of their goals and they follow through. In order, to win you have to be prepared. They use their resources  to solicit help.


                                                         Winners Surround Themselves with Influencers

Winners keep a network of other winners and influencers. Winners extract their motivation from people with winning mentalities. They also keep in touch with influencers. Influencers are people that can help change the outcome of a situation  in a winner’s favor. They can be anyone either from or outside winners’ social circles.

                                                                      Winners Look for Opportunities in Everything 

Winners assess whether or not an opportunity is worthwhile to pursue. Even if winners fail at a task, they try to understand what it takes to do better next time. Winners are constantly  looking for opportunities. Otherwise, they create one where none exist.
                                                                          Winners Plan and Anticipate

Winners plan for the worst. They plan for the best. The point is that they are prepared for any situation, because they plan and anticipate. What this means is that winners learn how to adapt when plans change.

                                                                         Winners Execute and Adapt Plans to Meet the Situation 

Winners are doers: they do what they say they will do. They execute their plans. If the situation changes then they adapt and change their plans accordingly.

                                                                       Winners  Never Lose

Winners either accomplish what they set out to do, or the learn a lesson. They don’t walk away from an experience/opportunity without gaining something in the process.


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