A Dance with Grace

Brother Man: I don’t normally come to this type of party. After hot day’s work with the sun beating off the shanties. But tonight I was in a particular mood to get in the grove. I hoped it wouldn’t be too bad. I hoped that the band would at least be bad. I arrived tired, hot, and a little musty. It was a sore grove to move to it seemed like the band was experiencing a case of them deep black blues. Shoot! And there you were the heart beat among the crowd. A breath of fresh air. And I was awakened. From every angle you touched me. The band began playing a cool beat in this dead heat. Mmmm, baby, that beat had edges and curves. A slight touch of sass in that class. Baby girl had it. A cool fire that fuelled my desire. Craddled my stare as she began to move to the grove with flair. The a lustrous care of her hair and warmth of her stare. Caused my speech to run mute. Such a sweet smile that she bore on her face. But it was the smile of my face and the longing of my stare that betrayed me. Baby girl danced her way on up beside me trying to divide me.
Sister Girl: So Mister do you like what you? I see you from over the eyeing me. What’s the matter, Mister? Cat got your tongue, or you scared?
Brother Man: Nah, woman, I am not scared. I am just too busy  admiring you and figuring how to approach you.
Sister Girl: Mister, how are you figuring?
Brother Man: I am figuring that you about the finest woman in here. And I would like to take you out.
Sister Girl: Bold. And what if I say no?
Brother Man: Nah, you won’t.
Sister Girl: Why is that?
Brother Man: Simple, because you’re intrigued.
Name’s Emmanuel by the way.
Sister Girl: Grace.
Brother Man: Well, Grace you got good taste.
Baby girl smiled and agreed. That was it, man a done deed.


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