Jounral Entry: Kingsman: The Secret Service 02222015

My boyfriend hit me up on Snapchat to ask me what I was up to. I told him that I was home after a 9 hour shift. He asked if I wanted to go out to the movies since we retired early the night prior.

I agreed and he picked me up at 8 pm. The snow was billowing about on the snow clad streets. We decided to go the AMC theater, because of its comfy seats. When we entered the theater.

Where I spotted a former classmate of mine. She was a woman of eminent stature. She had moved back home after completing her degree. We chatted for a few minutes only to discover that we were watching the same film.

We seated ourselves in our respective seats. My boyfriend and I chatted away during the commercials. We waited for the movie to begin. The movie started off with a troubled British young man.

He was recruited to join a British Secret Agency called the Kingsmen. Through trials and tribulations he learns how to become a gentleman and a spy. (I don’t want to give the movie away so I will stop here.) The movie was entertaining and non cliché. I rather enjoyed myself as I normally do with my boyfriend. He and I laughed over the movie as he drove into the night.


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