Jounral Entry: Valentine’s Day (Saturday) 021415


We got a very late start this morning. And an upset tummy was the cause. He wasn’t feeling too well. I didn’t mind it too much though, because we could drive during the day as opposed to the twinkling of dawn. It also gave me time to relish the in the joy he got from opening my present. I got him a singing/dancing dog, a shaving kit, chocolates/a box, and most prized of a valentinean ninja card.

(We both appreciated the nerdy ninja card.) I loved watching him tear through his gift like a child at Christmas. After some time had walked by we fixed ourselves for our journey. We whisked off on the road, which was clear of snow and ice. The Rochesterian gray of the skies was pure of any precipitation that might of slowed our day. We flew on the road toward coveted Manhattan. Laughing and talking fuelled us through the day(, yes there was even a bit of singing too. )

Making our way through the state of New York the roads were generous in its asphalt display. Pennsylvania was a bit of a pain as we lost our way. The signs, the roads all seemed backwards to us. We did manage to figure it out with a cell phone as our guide. Once we were in New Jersey, we jested, “that New Jersey was only a suburb for New York (City).”

Needless to say, the roads were not as safe through New Jersey. At one point, there were accidents on both sides of us due to the black ice. Cars rolled over, grills missing, bumpers dismantled–it was like walking through a morgue and seeing disrupted bodies thrown about. And then came the snow. We made it though all the way to the Lincoln Tunnel.

The drive was devoid of any difficulty. We were cruising right along until we pushed out into a world of anarchic chaos. We missed our turn and had to drive around the block just to reach our hotel. The menacing choir of cars sang in the streets. Finally, we made it to our hotel alive but shaken.  We were pleased to find our room was on the 15th floor just 3 floors below Snoop Dogg. For most of the evening, we retired to our room where we did a movie marathon and documented our trip. Much later in the evening, we walked around a frigid Manhattan.


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