Reinventing Myself

I have come to a crossroads. By design crossroads are neither good or bad. The outcome is entirely up to the person. Most times, I manage to come out victorous, but not all the time which is ok. Sometimes the product of failure is greater than the product of success, because every failure cuddles the seeds of  greater success than intended.

To demonstrate this fact think of an athlete training for a competition. The athlete must train in order to get better. This translates into many hours of failed success. Let’s say that this athlete is a runner who currently run a 5:00 minute mile. He is trying to get his mile pace to a 4:50 minute mile.

So he has to spend hours: running, cross training, jumping rope etc. He keeps training shaving seconds off his time until he finally gets a 4:50 mile. The first day of training is clumsy. His form is off and he is not very focused on how shallow his breathing is. He only manages to run at a 5:05 minute mile. Tragic, but tomorrow is another day.

He keeps training after a week he constantly hits his 5:00 minute mile pace. In another two weeks, he shaves 5 seconds off of his pace. I know does not sound very impressive, but in the running world every second counts. Amongst elite runners milliseconds can be the difference between first and second place.

As time carries success is inevitable. Our runner shaves off another 5 seconds off after six weeks of dispclined training.  After he breaks a 4:50 minute mile pace he keeps training so that running at that pace becomes second nature. Over time he perfects his form and tries to shave more time off of his pace.

The lesson that can be taken away from this metaphor is that a success is the product of adaptive strategy and continued execution. Notice the runner does not approach his goal with single method. He employs multiple methods to help train to him obtain his goal.

The question is why we do not display level of reassurance and confidence in our own ambitions? It is second nature to the runner, yet so many of us experience create mental blocks that hinder the opportunity for success. It is fear that drives us away from our true potential and our even truer expressions of self. It is in the presence of failure that we discover our capacity and willingness to learn. Failure is one of the best teachers, because it teaches us the pupils either a lesson or the secret to success.

When the standards are low the gains are low. When the standards are high the gains are high.


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