Baby Quinn


Baby Quinn was born on May 23rd about a quarter after noon. Needless to say that I was nervous. I was not ready for him to come into the world, even though I had known for months that he was coming. I suppose that is just life it happens when you least expect it.

People asked me how I felt about his impending birth. I told them that was nervous…More nervous than I would ever cared to admit. But he is here now. Cooing his way through life, gawking at the curiosities that it brings. This little man took my life by storm and now he is here to stay. He has captured my heart with his big brown eyes and fat checks.

I just hope that I can give him the love and respect that he deserves in his life. I hope that I can teach him a few things, and that maybe he can teach me something about life. Maybe that is the meaning of life: love unconditional. I am not sure though, because still learning myself…But I am sure that I will have some help along the way.


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