My Fighting Days: Tae Known Do

I was never much of a fighter, expect for those early years. I use to fight people all the time. In fact, that is how I got my nickname “Tiger Talibah”. I use to bite people I did not like.

My parents enrolled me in Karate briefly. By age seven, I was enrolled in Tae Know Do. It felt good to fight. I loved sparring, absolutely relished it. I had speed, skill, and flexibility.

I remember once my friend invited me to her Karate lesson. I sparred a bit with the instructor, which surprisingly wasn’t all that intimdating. I was used to sparring adults, because at nine years old I had almost reached my adult height. The only thing that gave pause was the lack of protective gear.

Outside of that I welcomed the challenge. He said that my fighting style was misleading. He explained that my eyes read as passive and unthreatening even welcoming. But my movements were deliberate and aggressive like a lion stalking its prey.

To be honest like that analogy. It actually holds some relevance in my own life…

Anyways, by age twelve I got my first degree black belt. I never went to any competitions. I often ponder what might have been. But I am just appreciative for the experience.


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