Millennial Esquire: The Revelry First Impressions

I dined at Revelry on a snowy winter’s night. The first thing I noticed was pine apple motif throughout the twilight lit restaurant. I was impressed by the glass floor that peered into the basement’s wine cellar.

My friend and I were seated upstairs along the window side overlooking a typical Rochester winter. Our waiter, Dan, was notably attentive. My contacts were bothering me and I turned away out of politeness. But Dan noticed my discomfort and ran to his car to get me eye drops. I thought his gesture was extremely sweet.

Beyond expectational service, we found the menu limited. We were even less impressed with the overall taste of dinner and dessert. But the wine was the highlight to an otherwise disappointing meal. Beyond dinner, the decorum and staff was rather appeasing.

The view from our window was breathtaking. It overlooked the snow laden street below us.  Based on this experience, I would rate the Revelry a three out of five stars. I would recommend Revelry for its drinking selection not its food.


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