Childhood Crushes

Do you remember those school days? Those long hours of Math and English. I remember those days. I remember my friends, my foes, and my crushes. I miss those days…

It is funny even thinking of my childhood crushes brings a crinkle to my nose, a smile to my face, and a twinkle in my eye.

I remember dancing to Michael Jackson at every school dance. Middle school. Soccer. Trolling through Great Northern and Panera’s. Driving around in your car, meeting up at the Pittsford Plaza.

Going to parties, walking through the city. High school. Cross Country. Track. Orchestra. Taking you to First Friday. Going out to dinner, making dinner, catching a movie. Meeting you at prom. Talking all night long.

Inside jokes. The shy smiles. Holding hands. Welcoming hugs in greeting. Cobbs Hill Park. Trips out of town. Pictures, videos of silly shenegians. Graduation.

I miss you old friend, old friends of mine. There was a time long ago where time could not separate us and adulthood seemed so far off it seemed impossible.

But I am an adult now and it is time put childhood to rest. Thank you for your time, your care, and your friendship… Memories that I will always carry with me.


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