Our First Date

November 8, 2014 was the unofficial end to our East End group. Everyone had canceled that evening. And we did not hang out much after that. A week later we, me and my now boyfriend, made plans to hang out. I cannot recall if we did anything on the 13th.

At some point, I mentioned how there were a lot of new restaurants around Rochester. I suggested that we tried a few out from time to time. I was thrilled to finally have someone to explore the city with.

On the 15th, we had an improv date. We drove around and just talked for a bit. Before going to Trata for dinner. But we got there too late for the dinner menu. So we ordered from late night menu. We ordered the duck quesidalla. It was so greasy, but good. I enjoyed hanging out with him, it was a lot of fun.

But I did not want to consider it a date. I was not ready to start dating again. I was always on the receiving end of heart break, because I never wanted to hurt the guy’s feelings. So I did everything in my power to communicate that us hanging out was not a date.

Thourghout the night, I said repeatedly we are not out on a date. I even dressed casually. I wore jeans and a high school homecoming shirt: it either had the Hulk or Ninja Turtles on it. I decided that I would play the role of matchmaker. I figured I had some match making skills since I was semi-outing and I had help two of my friends find soulmates in each other.

I was trying to get him to hit on our waitress. Needless to say that did not work too well. I could not shake the feeling that he had set his sights on me. I was flattered, but uninterested at the time. Yet I was determined to find him a girl, or at least find someone for him to flirt with.

I told him we should hang out again. I sincerely thought I could find someone for him. I also told him that we should try out Revelry if he was up to it.

Looking back I suppose I did find just the girl for him…Me!


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