Halloweens Past

Halloweens Past

As a kid, I never got into Halloween much. I mean who would if it meant going to church. And there is only two occasions where I have ever been trick-or-treating to date. Now that I am an adult things are a little different now.

Halloween 2010: A period woman from the 1920’s, I guess.I am not sure what the look was that I was really going for. I do not have a picture so I will have to recreate it at some point.

Halloween 2011: Jasmine


Halloween 2012: This was the first year that I really got into costume shopping.

I was going to be the ballerina from the White Swan movie.

But I had a last minute change of heart. So I opted for an angel.


Halloween 2013: I could not wait to dress up as Storm from X-men movie(s)/ comic books.

I shop-hopped for weeks piece-milling my costume together.

I was so happy that my DYI costume turned at so well.

Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman

Halloween 2014:  I decided to pay homage to the Original Catwoman: Eartha Kitt. I channeled my inner artist and shopped around trying to be as accurate as possible to portray the vintage feline.

A few pals came dressed as the devil and lion tamer. He dressed like a priest.

We were not dating at the time. But we had a lot of fun in downtown Rochester.

Foxy Cleoptra & Austin Powers

Halloween 2015: We did a couple’s costume for the first time ever. We

were in Boston visiting his sister.

I made the executive decision to dress up in period costumes.

So we  did a simple rendition of Austin Powers and Foxy Cleopatra from.



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