Uncharted Country

As the year draws to a close, this comes to my knowledge. Persons are by design complex individuals crafted intelligently, for greatness.

The spark of intellectual lodged in the brain, the personality wired in the genetics and painted on the face, the commitment to purpose in mannerisms/ gesticulations.

The evidence of a soul peering from behind windowed irises (eyes), the hidden truths in Freudian slips…
The potency of words and unspoken thoughts to shape or change reality…

The capacity to ingenuity and innovation. The self-sacrifice in the rite of humanity and above the unrealized power in unconditional love: agape.

…”Fearfully, wonderfully made…”

And yet the doubt and self-loathing muddy the cause. A cause ordained by celestial or divine invention. It is not a privilege, but a right of the highest decree.

The plight from time to time consumes us all, it would be considerably easier if we realized our power. Which was endowed to us by the Creator.

And still the hardest thing remains the ability to love ourselves. Not in vain nor self-righteous proportions, but in gracious measures.


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