Captain’s Log: Star Date 01012016

I spent most of the previous evening preparing for The New Year’s Celebration. Maybe it was a bit frivolous, but I wanted to honor the tradition of New Year’s. My boyfriend and I do take pride in dressing up when the occasion calls for it.

I love that he takes pride in dressing up. I think it is both suave and mature. Plus it is sort of fun, and it adds another dynamic to the evening.

The evening on its own was rather meaningful. It marked a little over year that we have been dating. And one of the highlights of the whole event is that he takes the time to make it special. What makes it special is that he plans it out.

He also tries to make it very memorable, which often means he tries to impress me. But honestly I am impressed that spent another holiday season with each other and our families. We could go to the dollar movie theater and drink sparkling cider and I would still impressed. I was impressed when made the plans for the evening and sported a suit vest.

I was impressed when he agreed to cancel our dinner reservations at Trata and have dinner with my family instead. (And he agreed to a light saber battle that never happened). I was impressed when he was not feeling while we were at One Nightclub, but stick tried to it out because he wanted me to have fun.

We stayed out and spent the next half of the day together. We went to Cobbs Hill and looked out over the city. And we talked and laughed at nonsensical dribble, as we ate.  Just little things. These things are the things that matter most to me.

It is the little things that impress me. And it is the little things that have left an impression on me. Because it is the little things that have made all the difference in our relationship.


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