Captain’s Log: Star Date 01022016

Ben and I were supposed to go on a double yesterday. We had to cancel, but enjoyed time with the family. So we rescheduled for tonight.

We went out to Scoff law’s Bar at Monroe Restaurant. It was an era’s bar, a speakesy, set in the 1920’s. Situated in the basement the bar was a specimen.

It came complete with costumed servers, strong cocktails, low ceilings and duck wings/flatbread.

The patrons seemed to be in the thirties.  It was not my usual crowd. I preferred one of my peers, but I was up for a new experience. It was after all a double date.

The cocktails were very strong, and I in true Talibah fashion got drunk a few sips into my second drink. But I liked my second drink much better than the dairuiqi. It was more of a fruity drink. Something with “breeze” in the title. It was good. I liked “breeze”.

It was fun. We called with chef for a good minute, it made me feel fancy and mature although I wore my funky prints to a fancy bar. (I dressed for pool what can I say? Regardless, my fashion sense has always been off beat. But Ben looked good with his fannele shirt and his hair pushed to the side.)

We were the last ones to leave bar. And we made a later date to meet up again. Superbowl Sunday and maybe another dinner date.



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