Captain’s Log: Star Date 01062016

As part of my New Year’s Resolution I am going to have a positive mindset. I believe that the “New Year, new me” mentality touches the surface of a larger apparatus. It is a person’s mentality which dictates his or her reality.

It is also not enough to have a sunny disposition. You should also practice being mindful of what you are doing. This includes being mindful of the type of thought that you think.

In the last couple of days, I found that a positive mentality plus mindfulness to have powerful outcomes. If you, a person, neglect to have a positive mentality or deliberate mindfulness then your outcomes will be less desirable.While outside stimuli does play a part in outcomes; it pales in comparison to inner stimuli.

It is the inner stimuli, particularly in the mind, which fuels more desirable outcomes. Inner stimuli;however, can be corrupted by outside stimuli. Outside stimuli such as: environment, destructive criticism, poor education etc.

Constant and calculated attacks against inner stimuli will render it weaken in its ability to produce positive outcomes.  While at the same time strengthen its ability to produce negative outcomes.


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