Hairstory: Phasing Out the Perm

By seventeen, I was rocking this short layered do. I was not quite satisfied with the look at first.

Originally, I was hoping to look like Nia Long with a pixie cut. I wanted my hair to be dyed with medium brown base and copper and blonde highlights.


I was taking my senior pictures and I wanted a striking look. Instead I got the look that I rocked in my senior pictures, which was not a bad substitute.

At nineteen, I got another perm. And this time I colored my hair. I had only meant to apply a rinse, to add a splash of color. But instead I applied a dye, by mistake.

I applied the dye too soon after my perm. And there were huge patches of color instead of lines of color.

So I had this real funky look to my hair. The color and texture of my hair was way off. Almost comical in its appearance. I felt like a damn clown. But I still rocked it.

That was my final and last perm. From then on I rocked extensions for about a year.


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