Creating Content

With the ever growing realm of technology content creation is becoming easier. Whereas content creation was a bit more limited in prior decades.  The barriers to content creation was expense, time, and know-how.

The rise of technology, particularly apps, allows anyone to become a content creator. By eliminating those barriers there is more content variety. Simultaneously, there is an over saturation of content creation.

The question is how does content creator differentiate his/her content. The are a few ways of doing so: marketing/advertising, designing, highlighting the consumer base. Niche marketing in particular tends be the go-to option.

This can be hard to do if you have a smaller platform or a smaller consumer base. It can be a quite a challenge. The other option a content creator might choose is to market his/ her content. Before diving into marketing, a content creator should look the essential elements behind his/her content.

You should know why you are creating your content, who is your target market, whether or not the content serves a business purpose.  These are just a few essentials that you should know prior to creating your content, if you doing it as a business venture. Otherwise, you can start creating your content and figure out the essentials later.

So depending on the intended purpose of the content that is how you should direct your content. If you are stuck with where to start there are few techniques that you can use to get started. The first technique is to create a list of questions and/or statements about your content and what you hope to get out of it. The list should include the hows and whys for the content.

The second technique is to take inspiration from outside stimuli. Outside stimuli can be a whole host of things: people, places, just about anything. The third technique is to interview people. It may be people that know you or people that don’t know you. Just ask them for their opinions. It could also be a great way to market and network your content.

The fourth technique to dabble in a little in different ways to create content. For instance, you may decide that you want to tell a story, but you don’t know how. You begin to tell your story orally, but then figure that is not the medium that you want to use.

So then you start to write your story down on paper, which takes a really long time. So you opt for a computer instead. You later decide that you want to draw your story. Only to realize that you are not much good at drawing,so you decide to make a video of your story. And it turns out that you are quite good. With time you begin to cultivate a talent for film making.

The fifth technique is to “free create”. What this means is to just create on impulse without any barriers. To give you an example of “free create” think of “free writing”.

“Free writing” is an exercise that is used to get the creative juices flowing. What the exercise requires is that you allot yourself a time limit, say two minutes, and in those two minutes you write nonstop. It allows you to break away from over thinking and just create.

Now that the essentials are covered let’s refocus on your consumer base as known as your readers. As a content creator, you have a brand and a consumer base. Your brand is you, and your base is your social circle: friends and family. With social media you can reach not only your social circle, but you can reach beyond your social circle.

After you reached your base, you have to figure out how to appeal to your base. You need to create content that appears to your base. Once you have established your base you need to appeal to new consumers or readers, in this case. One of the ways of doing this is to diversify your content, or to refine your existing content. From here you can develop your new market strategy.

Reaching your base will come with time and refinement. When creating content its all about defining your content and making it unique. So take the time not only to discover your niche, but learn how to evolve your niche.




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