Hairstory: The Big Chop

Out of necessity, I decided to get my hair cut. I went to my father’s barber. I asked him to cut my hair into a shapely afro.

The only specifications that I had for him was not to cut too short and to chop off my unhealthy end.

He warned me that he was not familiar with cutting women’s hair. I told him that that was fine.

He turned on his clippers and cut and shaped my hair. While he was cutting my hair a little sat and watched the process.

When he finished, I gave him the ten dollars for the deed. The next couple of days were confusing, I felt naked.

I tried the look for a while and I got mixed reviews, mostly good. Since I did not have the know- how to fully take care of my natural I did some light research.

But I resorted back to extensions for about two years. I revived my natural do prior to this new year.

There have been many questions and educational moments for myself as well as others. In the short term, my hair has grown healthy and my edges are filling in.

My story is far from over. The start is rocky, but as long as my hair is growing I am happy.Because this decision is not a fad for me, but a lifestyle change.



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