2017: A New Year

I know that I have fallen off the wagon a bit. I have not written in my blog in a while. But today was a good day. I feel like sharing.

Today I went to the public market with my father. It was a crisp gray day the kind that often falls in this part of the state. We walked briskly through the open-aired market. There were thongs of people rushing past eager vendors.

We bought some fresh food: tomatoes, white onions, okra, apples, and a snack or two. We munched on freshly baked donuts. Then we gathered in the brick and mortar shops that laid nearby. Clinging to the roasting air of indoor heating. Sampling olive oil and vinegar and then buying two bottles worth.

We left in jovial spirits and climbed in the car. We rode past graffiti-clad walls and rising buildings. Afterwards, we explored a new store. There was not must to write home about it, but it was still fun.

And then the morning was over. But it was pure and crisp just like the air had been. I did not exercise or meditate but I felt an overwhelming calm wash over me. I felt like a new person. I was at peace. I was happy. I was grateful for the morning with one of my favorite guys. I love you, Dad.




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