A Word From the Author


Welp, this blog serves as a vehicle to drive my creativity and reflections. I am uncertain as to the final destination of this vehicle, but I hope to grow from this experience. It is safe to say that this blog inspires the musings of a twenty-something perspective on her life and the world around her. It should be noted that while a large body of this work is based on my life some of the writing is fictional. Furthermore, most of this blog is unedited to allow my creative process to flow, but over time will be edited for the readers’ comprehension.

With all this in mind I hope you will keep an open mind. My mind is a quirky often comical place where thoughts and ideas are created and tossed around like a hot potato. In time, I hope that you come to appreciate my uniqueness, or my Talibahness as I like to call it. Or at the very least crack a smile, maybe even hatch an idea…


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